Enterprise Level Training Business

Still sending out spreadsheets? This will simply not work for enterprise level training and development.

How does it feel to send out emails to 100’s or 1000’s of users, wait to receive the completed training back and then manually grade all these assignments and tests. Then after that, turn around and send out certificates and other documentation to the users to have just completed the training course. Does this sound familiar?

If you have ever been tasked to do more with less, you probably understand this scenario all too well. So will an Enterprise level training system actually work for you?

With eLeaP for example, you can set up an Enterprise account which enables your organization to deploy simple to complex training programs across your organization. For organizations which have multiple locations or stand alone business units, using the enterprise system provides the optimal balance of decentralization and control as well as efficiency.

Take the first step. Talk to one of our ace deployment officers about the best way to move forward. See our online scheduler.